Klaas Hummel

klaas hummelKlaas Hummel (1960) is a real estate entrepeneur with years of experience on the international financial and real estate markets. Most of Hummel’s activities concentrate on Germany and The Netherlands.
He owns the Dutch ‘Lapidus Holding’ concerned with real estate investments.
With Lapidus Holding, Hummel owns several Center Parcks holiday parcs in The Netherlands, Germany and France, amongst others.

Born in Rotterdam, Klaas Hummel started his career at the recruitment department of the Amro bank after finishing a Heao-education (Higher economical and administrative education). After completing the academical course of the Amro, he developed his career at the bank. In order to supplement his financial background with real estate knowledge he switched to Aegon Vastgoed (Aegon Real Estate) and later Rodamco. Hummel was noticed by Sal Oppenheim, which asked him to manage a Swedish real estate investment fund. The fund performed well and the Swedish Central Bank requested Hummel to act as crisis manager for several Swedish banks.

After his work for the Swedish banks, Hummel started to invest on his own behalf. In the nineties he bought properties in Amsterdam which he redeveloped. In 2005 Hummel entered the German market and founded ‘Propertunities Immobilien & Consulting GmbH’, located in Düsseldorf. This firm offers services such as project management and property consulting. Projects to which Propertunities contributed are found in German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

In 2015 Hummel’s Lapidus Holding announced the sale of more than 500 holiday homes in the Center Parcs Port Zélande holiday park.

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